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Turning Things High!

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on We Heart It -

"Sé que siempre he sido así y que no tengo remedio, ni lo quiero tener."

Heroes del Silencio (via malanochesocialclub)


Lana Del Rey


Stressed, depressed and too poor to be well dressed

"She loved me without knowing that I was Justin Bieber." - Justin Bieber


Not a product of your environment.


Bhomb blunt.

Swanette-Puerto Rico-22yrs-Glitch

Dream. Live. Forget. Love. Follow. Laugh. Believe. Talk. Forgive. Listen. Smile. Hug. Touch. Play. Satisfy.Sex, Money and Happiness for everyone :)[ ❒ Jedi ❒ Sith ✔ It's complicated ]

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